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Lavender Lemonade is a simple lip balm that won't dry out your lips like menthol lip products will. This balm goes on smooth and gives a glossier look than Hatcher. Lavender Lemonade is a very subtle aroma of olive oil, lavender, and lemon balm.

Tallow is at the heart of this product. Rendered to perfection in-house, this nutrient-dense ingredient works harmoniously with your skin to encourage elasticity, hydration, and restore it to its healthy state.

The calming and aromatic herb, lavender, provides soothing properties to alleviate dryness and discomfort while maintaining a softness to the lips.

Lemon Balm, a mood-boosting herb, is added for its protection against cold sores, sun damage, and more.

Organic Olive Oil adds another fatty acid profile to deeply nourish and moisturize the skin.

Beeswax is added to provide another layer of protection and encourage the retention of moisture.


Note: Product may vary batch to batch as this is a 100% natural product.


Grass-fed Alaskan tallow, organic lavender, Alaskan beeswax, raw Alaskan honey

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Ramsey Bell
Amazing Lip Balm

Absolutely LOVE the tallow lol balm! Goes on really smooth, not sticky at all, moisture lasts a long time without having to reapply. Just having a little issue with the packaging, specifically the tube… it’s paper/carboard, so it isn’t holding its shape and is becoming a bit of a mess the more and more I take off and replace the cap to use the balm. Kind of a bummer..The product itself is FAB though!

Carly padrta
Love it!!

I love both lip balms! I can’t go back to a traditional chapstick again lol. The texture is very lush and instantly makes my lips feel and look great. Being a fan of lavender the Missy is a must. The ONLY thing that is a downside for me is the container it’s in. I’m happy it’s not plastic but the paper gets kinda dirty looking over time but it does hold up well.


I get these for my daughter. Love the quality!

Lip balm that doubles as all over hydration

Missy is just as legit as all of the other products — I’ve loved this stuff so much I’ve slathered it all over my face. The lavender is light in aroma but it’s perfectly beautiful and it’s my favorite. Other chapsticks I’ve used keep drying my lips out and I ‘m trapped in using it all day long in a toxic cycle. This is far superior with clean ingredients where my lips really feel hydrated with quality. Toxic cycle ended.


Love it!

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