Why your skin needs tallow

What is tallow?
Tallow is rendered fat. Our tallow is suet--the fat surrounding the kidneys. Suet is considered to make the purest tallow after it's rendered. The rendering process leaves the pure, bioavailable tallow that's used in our products.

Tallow has been treated as a sacred resource for vital nutrients for thousands of years. Tallow from grass-fed and finished cows ensures that the nutrients are present in high concentrations and free of toxins that come from conventionally-raised cattle. 

Why use tallow skincare?
Tallow contains essential nutrients that closely resemble our skin’s sebum. The words for tallow in Latin even translates to sebum! Tallow is highly dense in nutrients which our skin desperately needs. Tallow, historically, is known for its healing and restoring properties that cannot compete with chemicals or lab-created products. Our tallow products are also versatile--making your skin routine much more simple while keeping it effective. 

Tallow is filled with saturated fats, which make it an incredibly stable product. Other skincare products are often filled with unstable oils which oxidize. Overtime, that oxidation will lead to free-radical damage (wrinkles).
So what's all this "nutrition" in tallow?
Vitamin A: encourages collagen and elastin production; vital for cell division which help minimize wrinkles and acne

Vitamin D: provides anti-inflammatory properties and plays an important role in keeping the skin plump

Vitamin E: arguably the most potent antioxidant--vitamin E can reverse free radical damage

Vitamin K: known for aiding in healing the skin from rashes, cuts, scrapes, acne

Vitamin B1: improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps ensure a more even skin tone

Conjugated Lineolic Acid: helps to retain moisture in the skin

Palmitoelic Acid: aids in retaining moisture and cleansing the skin

Stearic Acid: keeps the skin looking youthful by softening and smoothing
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