What is tallow and why would I want to use it?

Tallow closely resembles our own skin's sebum and is the most nutrient-dense product we could use on our skin, the body's largest organ. You can read more on our blog post: Why your skin needs tallow

Does your tallow come from Alaska raised cattle?

Some of it! It's been hard to find grass-fed tallow in Alaska but I have a handful of small farms I purchase high-quality tallow from.

Will tallow make my skin oily?

No. Oily skin is skin in desperate need of nutrients. Tallow, when used sparingly, will provide your skin with those nutrients. If you're feeling greasy/oily after application, use a smaller amount.

Where are your herbs sourced from?

Some are wild harvested, some are grown in our small pesticide-free garden, and others are purchased from small organic farms in and outside of Alaska. Herb availability depends on the time of year :)

What's your refund policy?

At this point, I can't offer refunds since our operations are so small. Of course if your order is wrong or damaged, please reach out.

What product would you recommend for me?

If you're new to tallow products, the Alpenglow Tallow Balm is a great place to start. Otherwise, each product is crafted for different purposes! The product descriptions include various uses for each item. Feel free to send us a message through Instagram or e-mail if you need help choosing a product.

Why don't you use essential oils?

Essential oils are left out so that these products can be used on the most sensitive of skin. EOs are also not the most respectful use of the plant. Our goal is sustainability and respect towards the earth.

Are your products safe for children and infants?

If you have any concerns about applying product to your child, you should always check with with a medical provider. However, all products are created with sensitive skin in mind. BEAR BUM & ALPENGLOW are great options for kiddos.

Will my tallow melt?

Tallow is temperature-sensitive with a melting point of 95 degrees fahrenheit. We recommend tracking your shipment to ensure it gets inside as soon as possible.

Tallow balms will easily re-solidify in the fridge or at room temperature. Whipped tallow, when melted, will not return to its whipped state. But! If your whipped tallow does melt, the product is still usable.

If you have concerns about melting, try to order your items when the climate is mild.

Will tallow heal my eczema/psoriasis/acne/other ailment?

While our products are not FDA approved, lots of customers have reported their skin condition greatly improved from Alaska Tallow Co. products. Check out our Instagram for befores and after!