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ALPENGLOW | herb-infused tallow balm

ALPENGLOW | herb-infused tallow balm

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Alpenglow, our best seller, is inspired by the rosy lighting atop Alaska's stunning peaks during winter's sunsets. Alpenglow is an extremely versatile product used for anything from a daily moisturizer, to a diaper cream, to rash/eczema cream, and more. Alpenglow most frequently picks up on yarrow's earthy scent. 


Tallow is at the heart of this product. Rendered to perfection in-house, this nutrient-dense ingredient works harmoniously with your skin to encourage elasticity, hydration, and restore it to its healthy state.

Homegrown calendula is added for its healing and rejuvenating properties. This vibrant flower soothes and nourishes the skin while reducing inflammation, promoting cell regeneration, and gives you a more youthful glow.

Wild yarrow, an "invasive weed" to many, offers a potent yet delicate touch of antimicrobial properties to help encourage wound healing and will leave your skin more evenly toned. 

Organic lavender, a soothing and aromatic botanical will leave your skin feeling refreshed and revitalized. Lavender works synergistically with yarrow and calendula to gently restore the skin. 

Alaskan beeswax completes each jar. Beeswax shields your skin, giving it an extra layer of protection, while allowing it to "breathe". Beeswax is a humectant, meaning it will help retain moisture leaving your skin soft and supple.

Note: Product may vary batch to batch as this is a 100% natural product.


Grass-fed Alaskan tallow, homegrown calendula, wild yarrow, organic lavender, Alaskan beeswax

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews

I absolutely love the tallow balm. I have always been obsessed with using several moisturizers at night before bed, as I never found one that seemed to give me the all-night moisturization I wanted. With this tallow balm, it’s everything I need. I wake up everyday with skin that feels very hydrated and happy. In love with this balm!

Jessica Lawrence
Great product

Love this product. It gives lasting moisture in the dry Alaskan climate and it doesn’t feel like I’m slathered in grease!

Jordan Thompson
Jordan T

I've put this on both my skin and my 6 month old babies skin and it has made such a difference! My babies skin used to constantly have discolorations and dry spots and those were gone in a week! He has perfect skin after using this! My skin is ultra hydrated and plump! I love this stuff so much!!

Kylie G
All love to Alpenglow

Saved my skin. I didn’t like wearing makeup, it was a vicious cycle of breakouts and cover ups and low confidence. Alpenglow healed my skin, I no longer wear makeup and I love how my skin looks. Thank you!

Taylor Sue
In Love! Works Quickly

I am not a skin care girl at all, I keep it very basic. Ive struggled with hormonal acne for the past few months and my nutritionist suggested this product to me. I started using it as my moisturizer 2x a day a few weeks ago and there was almost instant results. My dryness/flakiness improved quickly, after about a week I stopped getting new breakouts and the over the past few weeks the dark spots/scarring from my breakouts is fading. I love the smell and the way this feels when applying. Gives me a glowy look with just cleanser and tallow, no intricate skin care routine needed. My skin is soft and looks so much better. This is my new staple.

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